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WEICON Contact VA 8312-30g


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The ideal adhesive in combination with WEICON Filler for instant bonding and fi lling of cracks, gaps, holes and irregularities

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WEICON Contact Cyanoacrylate Adhesives - are coldcuring one-component adhesives, free of solvents. They quickly polymerise by reacting with moisture both on the surfaces to be bonded and from the air, and cure under light pressure. Provide high structural strength and good levels of resistance to a lot of chemicals. In many instances, the cured bond joint proves to be harder than the material of the bonded parts (material fracture).
Type Selection Table
VA 8312VA 8406VA 1401GEL
EPDM Elastomers+++++
Glass / Ceramic+++++
suitable (+) highly suitable (++)
In line with the type recommendations above, the bonding of two different materials, like for example metal/rubber and metal/plastic, is also possible.
WEICON Contact in liquid form
VA 8312VA 8406VA 1401GEL
Ester typeEthyl
PropertiesParticularly suitable for bonding metals, rubber and plastic bonding low odour, low blooming
Viscosity at +20°C (m.Pas.) Brookfi eld20-4020-50100-15060000-90000
Max. gap covering in mm **0,100,100,150,20
Specific gravity at +20°C (g/cm³)1,051,051,061,08
Flaxh point acc. to Abel-Pensky DIN 55213 in °C87
Initial adhesion in secondsAluminium 1)30-6030-6030-6090-120
Nora Test rubber 2)2-10< 5< 520-30
Rigid PVC 3)5-302-102-1040-80
Final strength in hours24
WEICON Contact in cured state
Medium combined tension and shearresistance in N/mm² according to DIN 53283VA 8312VA 8406VA 1401GEL
Sand-blasted steel20222221
Sand-blasted Aluminium14161615
Rigid PVC13141413
NBR> 8 (bonding exceeds strength of substrate)
Temperature resistanceAll types from -50°C to approx. +80°C (briefly up to +100°C)