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WEICON Ceramic BL-Liquid - mineral-filled 0.5 kg Skatīt lielāku

WEICON Ceramic BL-Liquid - mineral-filled 0.5 kg


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Extremely wear resistant - high temperature resistant from -35°C up to +180°C,Blue

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Vairāk informācijas

WEICON Ceramic BL-Liquid - brushable surface protection
with extremely high wear and abrasion resistance.
Forms a smooth surface of low friction which shows a high
chemical resistance and which is used:
• for lining highly stressed pump cases
• as a wear protection for slide bearing, slides, funnels
and pipes
• for repairing castings, valves and blower vanes
Large blowholes and/or damaged spots should be
first filled with WEICON WR or WEICON WR2 as
WEICON Ceramic BL forms an extremely hard surface
with excellent edge strength and high mechanical
A slow hardener for WEICON Ceramic BL is available.
Liquid - brushable - mineral (carborundum and zircon)-
filled -extremely wear resistant, temperature resistant up to 180°C.