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OPTI S 350 G Skatīt lielāku

OPTI S 350 G


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Zāģējamā materiāla izmēri: 90°/350x240 mm; 45°/200x140 mm; 30°/140x140 mm, ātrums 36/72 m/min, jauda 2,2 kW

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6 836,50 €

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Technical DataConvincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price
Electrical connection400 V / 3 Ph ~50 HzHeavy industrial type
Motor power2.2 kWLow-noise running
Motor coolant pump50 WHigh cutting accuracy due to vibration-free running
General informationTwo switchable speeds 36/72 m/min.
Lifting the saw bowManualMitre adjustment to 6o° by slewing the whole saw bow
Feedcontinuously adjustableCombinable and individually adjustable hard metal and ball bearing guidings of the saw band
Saw band speed36/72 m/min
Saw band dimensions2925 x 27 x 0.9 mmWith high-grade bimetallic saw band supplied as standard
Cutting angle-60° - 45° Limit stops exactly adjustable within an accuracy of a degree
DimensionsChip brush
Length1750 mmMicro switch for automatic limit stop
Width without / with material stop1075 / 1415 mmRoller support adjustable for long and heavy workpieces
Height bottom /upper stop position of saw bow1420 / 2000 mm 
Net weight550 kg 
Standard equipment: 
Bi-metal saw band  
Material stop  
Machine substructure