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CS 350L


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Žāģripas izmērs 350x2,0x32, zāģējamā materiāla izmēri: 90°/140x100 mm; 60°/120x100 mm; 45°/100x100 mm,apgriezieni 18/36 min, jauda 0,75/1,3 kW

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Vairāk informācijas

Technical data  Convincing arguments:
Sawblade dimensions350 x 32 mmDouble vice with material fence, for mitre cutting up to 60°
Speeds18 / 36 rpmIdeal for cutting of steel, light metals and plastics
Max. opening145 mmSawblade cover according to CE, closes automatically when lifting the saw arm
Working height960 mm
Motor power output S1 100%0,75 / 1,3 kWErgonomic control handle with 24 V safety switch
Motor power input S6 40%1,1 / 1,8 kWPrecise cutting results due to the special vice which clamps workpiece on the right and left side of the sawblade
Voltage400 V
Machine dimensions (W x D x H)550 x 1000 x 1910 mmSerially equipped with TiN-coated sawblade
Weight approx.215 kgLow speed range of the sawblade is ideal for cutting of high-grade steel
Standard accessories: 
Coolant device with filter Hardened, polished gears in oil bath
Self-centering vice Coolant device is positioned inside the machine frame, requiring minimum space
TiN-coated saw blade