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MSB 320 HL


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Zāģējamā materiāla izmēri: 90°/610x310 mm; 45°/460x180 mm, ātrums 20-100 m/min, jauda 1,5 kW

Vairāk informācijas

Vairāk informācijas

Technical data Convincing arguments:
Cutting capacity round 90°320 mmThis model features enhanced cutting capacity
Cutting capacity flat 90°610 x 310mmSerial roller table for operating of long workpieces
Cutting capacity square 90°320 mmVice swings up to 45° for mitre cutting
Cutting capacity round 45°320 mmSolid and vibration-free construction due to high-quality material
Cutting capacity flat 45°460 x 180 mmStepless speed adjustment for optimal results
Cutting capacity square 45°320 x 320 mmTorsion-free, strong saw frame for precise cutting
Working height650 mmAutomatic shut-down at cutting end
Bandsaw blade dimensions4160 x 27 x 0,9 mmAutomatic blade break control stops the machine if blade breaks
Cutting speed, stepless20 - 100 m/minStable saw frame, therby smooth and vibration-free run
Coolant pump120 WSaw band features ball bearings and chip brush to allow for ideal results
Motor power1,5 kWStandard accessories:
Machine dimensions (W x D x H)2100 x 850 x 1250 mmBandsaw blade
Weight approx.660 kgMaterial fence
Manometer for blade tension
Quick clamping vice
Coolant device
Hydraulic cylinder
Motor protective switch
Automatic blade break control
Automatic shut-down
Roller table