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Virpa kokam DB 900


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Turning machines with variable speed control for the hobbyist and professional

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Technical dataDB 900
Convincing arguments:
max. Turning Ø306 mmthe twist cast iron machine baseensures smooth operation and precision
Bed height153 mm
Distance900 mmTailstock and headstock are also made of sturdy cast iron
Spindle nose threadM 33 x 3,5
Speeds500 - 2000 1/min.wide, easily adjustable tool rest
Speedsvariable, 10 levelsTailstock with quick-release lever and hand wheel
Motor power 50 Hz550 W / 1 ~ 50 HzTailstock (stroke 50 mm) equipped with rotating center
Morse taperMK 2Tailstock bore for machining of long workpieces
Dimensions1380 x 330 x 370 mmvariable speed adjustment from 500 - 2000 rpm. with digital display
Weight80 kg
The headstock is rotated 180°
ideal for turning large diameter
lockable emergency-stop
Accessories for DB 900:
4-jaw chuck set 1 Ø 100 mm screw bit

4-jaw chuck set 2 Ø 100 mm

4-jaw chuck Ø 150 mm

8-piece turning-Knife Set

Optional copy device

Steady rest opt. for DB 900