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Solid saw blade sharpener SBS 700


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Solid saw blade sharpener for sharpening of cemented carbide saw blades from 80 - 700 mm. Due to the tiltable motor resp. the saw blade bracket different tooth systems can be sharpened.
Saw blade diam.80 - 700 mm
Motor tiltableLeft and right 20°
Rotary assembling angleLeft 30°, right 45°
Speed2850 rpm
Motor250 W
Voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Weight approx.42 kg
Universal saw blade sharpender for sharpening of saw blade from 80 - 700 mm
Quick and easy to operate 
Serially with diamond grinding disc diam. 125 mm
Solid cast iron construction for with precise work
Tiltable motor unit (20° left / right) for sharpening of special saw blades
For sharpening of negative dovetail connections the saw blade bracket can be tilted (30° left, 45° right)
Inclusive of adaptor for saw blade drill 20, 22 und 30 mm