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Vario 85 / 230 V


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The Vario metal bandsaw series is available with a cutting capacity of either 85 mm. The stepless speed adjustment and low weight makes these models perfect for repair shops and construction sites


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Technical data  Convincing arguments:
Cutting capacity round 90°85 mmStepless speed adjustment for ideal setting for each workpiece
Cutting capacity flat 90°100 x 85 mmAdjustable cutting angle for mitre cutting from 90° to 45°
Cutting capacity round 45°65 mmIncludes material fence for efficient work
Cutting capacity flat 45°60 x 65 mmSaw band guides feature ball bearings to guarantee optimal results
Bandsaw blade dimensions1325 x 13 x 0,65 mmPowerful motor, even at continuous operation
Cutting speed, stepless30 - 72 m/minElectrics of the motor keep the cutting speed constant
Motor power0,85 kWEnvironmentally friendly as there is no need for lubrication or coolant
Voltage230 VSmooth, vibration-free run ensures best results
Machine dimensions (W x D x H)720 x 270 x 440 mmHigh-quality aluminium die-cast machine body and saw frame
Weight approx.15 kgThe light weight makes this model ideal for construction sites
Standard accessories:  
Bandsaw blade  
Material fence  
Ergonomic handle  
Stepless cutting speed