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Centrifugal fans SF 1000 B


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bernardo.jpg The BERNARDO radial collectors come with an airvolume of 1250 - 4300 m³/h which makes them perfectly suitable for home use up to commercial use.


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Technical dataConvincing arguments: 
Capacity max1250 m3/h Effective extraction at various applications, such as exhaust systems and ventilation technology
Inlet diameter100 mm 
Idle speed2860 rpmPortable, compact radial collector for extraction of dust, fumes etc. at various assembly works
Motor power0,75 KW (1,0 HP) 
Voltage230 V / 50 Hz Ideal for extracting dust, chippings, smoke, grains, wood and plastic particles etc.
Dimension (WxDxH)410x373x416 mm
Weight approx.20 kg Curved fanwheels ensure high energy-efficiency and low noise levels
Standard accessories: High-quality powder coating creates scratch-resistant surface
Carrier handle Optimized construction guarantees top performance