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OPTImill MF 2 Vario-DPA


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Technical data 
Motor1.5 kW 400 V / 3 Ph ~50 Hz
Coolant pump100 W
Drilling capacity steel (S235JR)Ø 24 mm
Continuous drilling capacity (S235JR)Ø 20 mm
Milling head dimension max.Ø 76 mm
End mill dimension max.Ø 18 mm
Spindle stroke127 mm
Spindle seatISO 40 DIN 2080
Working range213 - 533 mm
Distance spindle / crosstable57 - 463 mm
Spindle speeds10 - 5.100 rpm
Gear stages; electronically adjustable speed6 steps
Automatic spindle sleeve feed0.04/ 0.08 / 0.15 mm/rev
Inclination of spindle head± 45°
Load of cross table (max.)230 kg
Cross table size (L x W)1,244 x 230 mm
T-slot size / distance16 mm/63mm/number 3
Z-axis travel406 mm manual
Y-axis travel manual305 mm
X-axis travel automatic800 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)1400 x 1450 x 2150 mm
Net weight950 kg
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